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Rates and Services

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The following is a list of the services we provide: 


Landscape Construction & Installation:

  • Specializing in Building Low/Zero Maintenance Green Spaces, Landscapes and Stone Patios/Pathways.
  • Hedge/Tree Installation (Privacy Borders, Accents, etc)
  • Landscape Design using the Latest Computer Aided Design Software.
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price!
  • Please see our Photos Page for up to date photos of recent projects!


Turf/Sod Installation:

  • Low-Cost New Lawn/Turf Installation & Renovations!
  • Please see our Photos Page for up to date photos of recent projects!


Full Property Maintenance:

  • Full Service Residential, Commercial and Strata Property Management. 


Lawn Maintenance:

  • Full Mowing & Edge Trimming From $29.
  • One Time & Custom Maintenance Packages Available.
Sprinkler/Irrigation Maintenance & Repair:
  • Spring Startups, Fall Flushouts & Inspections.
  • All Residential Sprinkler Systems repaired/maintained (Toro, Orbit, etc).
Delivery & Installation of Landscape Materials
  • Delivery/Installation of all landscape materials including: River Rock, Lawn/Garden Topsoil, Mulch, Pea Gravel, Lava Rock, etc.


Pruning/Hedge Trimming: 

  • Pruning & Hedge Trimming/Shaping/Topping from $1 per lineal foot! 


Tree Service:

  • Quick, Quiet & Professional Tree Removal Services.


Core Aeration & Power Raking:

  • Deep Core Aeration available in Spring & Fall from $69!
  • Spring Power Raking from $79
  • Allows Water, Oxygen & Nutrients to penetrate roots of your lawn.


Spring/Fall Yard Cleanup and Removal: 

  • Spring & Fall Cleanup & Removal starting at $89!


Lawn Renovation/Rejuvenation:

  • Sod Installation, Grass Seeding & Over-seeding. 
  • Contact us for a free quotation & assessment on your Lawn Installation, Rejuvenation or Renovation.
Retaining Wall & Paving/Natural Stone Installation:
  • All systems of Paving and Natural Stone Installed.
  • Contact us for a free quote on installing a Beautiful Stone Pathway, Driveway, Retaining Wall or Patio.


Organic Fertilization, Lime & Weed Control:

  • Professional Grade Seasonal Organic Fertilization Treatments from $29!
  • Organic Lime Application from $29!
  • Organic Weed Control that is 100% SAFE for Pets and Children!


Pressure Washing:

  • Residential Siding Pressure Washing from $99 (based on sq/ft).
  • Gutters, Eaves-trough & Downspout cleaning and unclogging.
  • Low-Cost Commercial & Parking Lot Pressure Washing. 


Landscape Design:

  • Landscape Design using the latest CAD Software (Free with New Install). 


Fence Construction & Old Fence Renovations:

  • Replace or Repair that old wobbly fence and gate, contact us for a free quote!


Snow Removal:

  • Full Driveway & Pathway Snow Removal & De-icing from $39.


Gutter Cleaning:

  • Residential Gutter Cleaning & Repair from $89
All of our service pricing is based on an average city sized lot; there may be additional charges for all services for pie shaped & oversized lots. If you are unsure, please contact us at 604-506-3058 or [email protected]