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Demolition & Deconstruction Division

In addition to satisfying clients landscape needs sustainably and organically, we also specialize in low impact residential & small scale commercial demolition and deconstruction.


What makes us different is our eco-conscious approach to demolition and deconstruction, making sure we're recycling and re-using materials when possible, reducing the need for new materials therefore reducing the impact on our planet.


Below are some examples of the Demolition, Deconstruction and Disposal Services we could help you with:

  • Drywall Removal & Disposal
  • Linoleum and Tile Removal & Disposal
  • Tear-down of Sheds and Secondary Structures
  • Fence Removal & Disposal
  • Kitchen Cabinet & Counter Removal 
If you have any other Demolition, Deconstruction or Removal needs please contact [email protected] 604-506-3058 or [email protected], we'd be happy to help you with any questions you may have!